Sunday, September 24, 2023

Florida’s Legislative Session Comes to a Close

On Monday, Florida’s legislative session ended.

The hot topic of property insurance did not get addressed.  No major property insurance reform bills passed. While many Florida homeowners are experiencing significant premium increases and losing their homeowners insurance policies. There is also the troubling issue of failed insurers across the state.

“Some legislators are hoping for a special session where property insurance is addressed,” says Dustyn Shroff, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s top independent homeowners insurance agency.

However, some minor pieces of legislation passed regarding insurance. Among them is a bill that requires agencies to notify policyholders when an agency is about to close.

According to the Insurance Journal, “It would also force public adjusters to notify consumers if they want to capture additional living expenses; and would provide employers with credits to reduce penalties for worker’s compensation compliance violations.”

The following are some of the other issues that passed.

Abortion- Physicians are banned from providing abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Budget – A $112 billion state budget passed. Included in the budget is a funding increase for public schools, pay raises for state employees and a series of sales-tax holidays. In October, drivers will enjoy a month-long gas tax holiday.

Health Care – Lawmakers passed a measure to revamp staffing standards in nursing homes.

Schools – The financial literacy act will require schools to teach financial information to high school students, including the basics of insurance, money management, credit scores, loan applications and related matters.

Solar – The legislation is phasing out Florida’s “net metering” program which allowed for excess energy produced by renewable energy, mostly rooftop solar, to be sold back to the power grid at the retail rate.

Lastly, the legislature voted unanimously to make strawberry short cake, Florida’s official dessert. “No one was going to argue with that sweet piece of legislation,” says Dustyn Shroff, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent homeowners insurance agency.

However, “The bill raised eyebrows amongst the state’s legion of devoted Key lime pie fans, but sponsor Rep. Lawrence McClure assured worried Floridians that the measure wouldn’t ‘take the key limelight away from the state pie,’” according to Southern Living.

If you are looking for affordable and dependable homeowners insurance, contact GreatFlorida Insurance today.
Dustyn Shroff
Dustyn Shroff
Vice President at GreatFlorida Insurance

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