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Avoiding Damage to Your Vehicle during a Summer Storm

Florida Auto insurance

Who knew summer, the most carefree and relaxing time of the year could be filled with so many hazards?

To piggyback on the previous blog post, we will continue looking at some of the ways to keep you safe during the summer months when storm threats are at their peak in Florida.

Progressive Insurance evaluated their 2013 claims data and found that 30 percent of wind and flood auto claims for the entire year occurred in June and July. Florida ranked at the top for auto flood claims.

“Flood damage in Florida can cost billions of dollars each year. Many Floridians are naturally concerned about their home but overlook getting flood coverage on their vehicles.”

“A flood can completely devastate your car’s interior, mechanical and electrical functions rendering it useless,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance.

To make sure your vehicle is covered in the event of a flood, look into purchasing comprehensive auto coverage. This is a priority in coastal regions such as the Gulf Coast, which experienced a historical amount of flooding this year.

Safety is a priority. If you find yourself caught in a severe storm this summer while driving, below are some tips from FEMA and NOAA on how to proceed.

  • During a heavy rain storm, turn on your lights while driving.
  • Allow extra distance between you and the car in front of you for braking.
  • When some roadways initially get wet, grease and oils from the road mix with the water and can leave some surfaces dangerously slippery.
  • Try slowly pumping your brakes when coming to a stop.
  • If visibility is a problem, pull off the road until the rain ceases.
  • Check tire pressure and windshield wipers regularly.
  • Avoid downed power lines.
  • If you are caught in a hailstorm, pull into a sturdy garage, parking garage or under a shelter to minimize hail damage.
  • During a flood, proceed to higher ground and wait until the waters subside.
  • Never attempt to cross a flooded road. Water can conceal dips or worse.
  • Floodwaters can damage roadways washing away the entire road surface and a significant amount of ground.
  • If your call stalls, abandon it immediately and climb to higher ground.

A mere 6 inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars causing loss of control or possible stalling. One foot of water will float many vehicles and two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles including SUV’s and pickup trucks.

GreatFlorida Insurance can help you protect your vehicle during storm season with an affordable comprehensive auto policy. Our independent agents are located throughout the state of Florida and are ready to provide you with competitive rates on auto insurance from reputable insurance carriers.

Call our agents at 888-478-7801 or visit us online at for a free quote.

Ellsworth Buck
Since 2003, Ellsworth has served as Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, a network of independent, franchised insurance agents located throughout Florida. During his tenure he has helped the franchise grow to more than 100 independent locations state wide. He is a 20+ year veteran of the Florida Insurance industry and is a graduate West Virginia University, earning his M.B.A in 1984. He lives with his wife in Stuart, Florida. For more information visit:

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