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What to Expect Thanksgiving 2021

As restrictions are lifted and the world slowly emerges from isolation, this Thanksgiving might look a little different than last year. There is no surge in infection cases and vaccines are available. You might be paying a little bit more for gas and your holiday meal, but despite that, this Thanksgiving feels a bit more hopeful.

“If you try, you can always find a reason to be thankful,” says Dustyn Shroff, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent homeowners insurance agency.

Read how your Thanksgiving might be different below.


AAA predicts more than 53.4 million people expected to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday. This is up 13 percent from last year, the highest single year increase since 2005. Orlando, Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale are among the top destinations for travelers.

With international travel reopen, expect longer wait times at the airport. AAA suggests planning to arrive 2 hours prior to your departure for domestic travel and 3 for international travel.

Most travel by car over Thanksgiving.  AAA recommends having key components checked such as battery, fuel system, tires, brakes and fluid levels before hitting the road. So, when is the best time to leave? Roads are most congested after noon on Wednesday. The most ideal time to travel is in the morning or after 9pm.

What’s Closed?

A majority of stores are closed on Thanksgiving. This year, some stores that usually remain open have decided to shut their doors for the holiday. Walmart is closed as a way to say, “thank you,” to their workers. Target is also closed after receiving a positive response to the move. Other locations that are closed include:


Government offices

Grocery stores- Aldi & Publix

Best Buy


Home Depot


Simon, one of the largest mall operators in the US.

TJ Maxx

US Post Office

Winn Dixie

Check out this list from a local  CBS affiliate to see additional closings. Also, check with your local stores before heading out, some might be open for selected hours.

For a list of open stores, check out the following from Good Housekeeping.

County parks and most county boat ramps are open.

“Thanksgiving is a great time to express my gratitude to our wonderful independent agents and their staff for their hard work this year. Thank you for making GreatFlorida Insurance a success. Also, a big thanks to all our customers. It is our honor and pleasure to serve you and your families, “says Dustyn Shroff, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance.

If you are looking for reliable homeowners insurance, give us a call today.
Dustyn Shroff
Dustyn Shroff
Vice President at GreatFlorida Insurance

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