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Most Stolen Cars Last Year

“Every 40 seconds a car is stolen,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s largest independent auto insurance agency. The Insurance Information Institute (III) reports about $6.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle theft in 2019.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) latest “Hot Wheels” report, car thieves have a new favorite target, a Ford Pickup.

The report examines vehicle theft data submitted by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). They determine the vehicle make, model and model year most reported stolen in 2019.

Rank      Vehicle                                                Thefts                   Vehicle Year Stolen

1              Ford Pickup (Full size)                     38,938                   2006

2              Honda Civic                                         33,220                   2000

3              Chevrolet Pickup (Full size)          32,583                   2004

4              Honda Accord                                    30,745                   1997

5              Toyota Camry                                    15,656                   2007

6              Nissan Altima                                     13,355                   2015

7              Toyota Corolla                                   12,137                   2018

8              Dodge Pickup (Full size)                 11,292                   2001

9              GMC Pickup (Full size)                    11,164                   2018

10           Honda CR-V                                        10,094                   2001

Florida ranked third in states with most vehicles stolen in 2019, according to III. They include the following:

Rank      Vehicle                                                                 Thefts                   Vehicle Year Stolen

1             Ford Pickup (Full size)                     2,383                     2006

2             Nissan Altima                                     1,171                     2018

3             Toyota Camry                                    1,027                     2019

4             Honda Accord                                    966                         2018

5             Toyota Corolla                                   963                         2019

6             Honda Civic                                         824                         2016  

7             Chevrolet Pickup (Full size)          817                         2018

8             Hyundai Sonata                                547                         2013

9             Hyundai Elantra                                521                        2017

10           Nissan Sentra                                     470                         2019

“Many car thefts can be prevented with a common sense approach,” says Ellsworth Buck, Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, Florida’s top independent auto insurance agency. Removing your keys from the ignition, locking car doors and windows as well as parking in a well-lit area can reduce the chance of your vehicle being taken.

The next level of protection will include an investment. These would be audible or visible warning devices. Popular warning devices include, audible alarms, theft deterrent decals, and steering wheel locks.

Immobilizing devices prevent thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot-wiring the vehicle. They include devices such as, smart keys and kill switches. Finally, there are tracking devices. Tracking devices combine GPS and wireless technologies allowing remote monitoring of a vehicle.

Make sure you have comprehensive auto insurance, so your car can be replaced if stolen. GreatFlorida Insurance agents can answer any questions you have regarding the right car insurance, contact us today.

Ellsworth Buck
Since 2003, Ellsworth has served as Vice President of GreatFlorida Insurance, a network of independent, franchised insurance agents located throughout Florida. During his tenure he has helped the franchise grow to more than 100 independent locations state wide. He is a 20+ year veteran of the Florida Insurance industry and is a graduate West Virginia University, earning his M.B.A in 1984. He lives with his wife in Stuart, Florida. For more information visit:

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