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On December 9, Citizens Property Insurance, Corp. released its official “Inspection & Outreach Program Update.” The inspection program, which launched earlier this year, has been gaining increased attention amid an already heated Florida property insurance debate.
In order to be successful in any business, you have to adapt to the times. Back in 2007 it became clear to us that it was time to give our website a real overhaul and start taking online seriously. That may seem a bit late in the game, but its the reality for most busineses. Without a significant investment in in-house technology and/or a good parter to guide you, competing successfully onine can be daunting.
For a consumer, keeping up on this fast changing industry can be very confusing. To understand the state of the industry, we must first understand the current legislation and proposed bills that will directly affect it.
In today’s world, savings is something that’s on everyone’s mind. We’re clipping coupons, searching for great deals on the Internet, and taking full advantage of in-store product specials. “Savings” has also become the go-to buzzword for marketing agencies and advertisers. It seems everywhere we look, the message is to save more and spend less. This is particularly true for the auto insurance industry.